Are you a woman who feels at home in your body? Or do you struggle with physical pain, lack of ease or distrust of your body?

Many women wish to feel comfortable in their skin. Unfortunately, much of what we do feel is our physical challenges, along with anxiety, shame or a compulsive need for improvement.

If this seems familiar to you, you’re not alone. Our cultural and social conditioning often interferes with our essential need for trusting ourselves and our experiential, embodied ways of knowing.

Essentials of Movement can help you discover ease and trust.

Essentials of movement is a synthesis of somatic education, neuroscience, depth & somatic psychology and contemplative practices.

In this process, we focus upon the delicate interface where physiological and psychological states mirror one another. Developmentally our habits of movement directly affect our habits of mind and vice versa. We explore the essentials of human developmental movement through simple guided movement and intelligent touch.

From a neuroscience perspective, new neural networks are created in your brain when movement is supported by self directed awareness. The result? Greater ease of movement, clear access to your own inner resources, and insight as to how your body and mind hang together.

If this resonates with you and you’d like to know more, take a moment to read about who I work with, how I work, and what I currently offer.