Do you struggle with physical pain or limitations…and want to learn a new way forward?

Each of us struggles with physical limitations at some time or another. It’s part of being human. And even though we know on some level these limitations are not really who we are, our world gets small. We get frustrated and afraid we might not be able to enjoy life again. We don’t quite know how to move forward.

You’ve been searching for awhile now…

You’ve tried a few things. Both mainstream and alternative. And it seems well meaning people around you offer suggestions: massage therapy, chiropractic, physical therapy, yoga. These are all great modalities but somehow not quite it. Something is missing. But what is it? You know on some level what you’ve tried is not bringing you the satisfaction that you want.

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Meg’s gifts range from the superbly nuanced, technical understanding of the body as she helps her students improve their ease of mobility, to a much deeper healing level of work on the ‘self’ who inhabits the body…I have been a somatic educator for over a decade and there are levels of embodiment I did not know until I worked with her.” Julia Smith, MD

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